An Adventurous Curiosity

Jennifer's AvatarHello. My name is Jennifer Hoffman and I am curious.

And now so are you, I would wager.  Why introduce myself as curious? What am I curious about?

Everything! Curiosity is the one common thread that runs through all aspects of my life. So if I have to sit here and pick one trait to define myself, it would be that. I am constantly seeking new questions to answer, and when others are content to leave a strange or funny anomaly lie, that’s when I come alive and dive in! I’m pretty used to getting blank stares, and I’m not the greatest at recognizing a rhetorical question. I mean, questions are meant to be answered, right?

As you can imagine, my favorite sorts of games involve puzzles. This includes straight up brain teasers like Professor Layton or Brain Age but also a lot of things that wouldn’t normally get ascribed to the puzzles genre. You can find puzzles to be solved just about everywhere if you’re looking for them. Does a game world have a particularly intricate environment? Treat it like a puzzle! Does a story have a complex web beneath the surface? Treat it like a puzzle! Does it have skill trees or bonuses? Treat those like puzzles too! You can even treat race tracks like puzzles if you’ve a mind to.

And if the current selection of games just isn’t cutting it, then the whole world is out there full of puzzles waiting to be tackled! I love nature and science and documentaries, and the blending of real world intricacies with fantasy frameworks is one of my favorite things. Did you know that plants have brain-like organs at the tips of their roots, likely inspiring Eywa of Avatar? Did you know that Alien may have been inspired by a deep sea creature “phronima” which hollows out the bodies of its prey to use as shelter and nourishment for its young? Have you ever thought about how real world genetics and inheritance would work in otherworldly creatures?

Welcome to my world. Live. Play. Love.

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