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Phanatix Interactive

Release Dates
  • Google Play (paid): ┬áNovember 30, 2012
  • Google Play (free): ┬áSeptember 23, 2013
  • Amazon Appstore (paid): October 11, 2013
  • iTunes App Store (paid): November 22, 2013
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  • Google Play: US $1.99
  • Amazon: US $1.99
  • iTunes App Store: US$0.99


Swift is a classic side scrolling shooter with unique visuals where you take control of a small glowing spirit with the power to save the heavens. With the touch of a finger, this swift little spirit can soar across rich and vibrant skies to shoot down an onslaught of colorful obstacles. Combo attacks award even more ways to take out enemies with dazzling power-ups in this endless test of perseverance.


  • Use stylistic weapons to shoot down enemies
  • Creatively strike down a variety of whimsical opponents
  • Earn special power-ups for unique combo attacks
  • Shoot and move around freely with intuitive touch controls
  • Endless side scrolling arcade action
  • Offers gameplay in easy, normal, or hard modes



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Swift is made by Phanatix Interactive, a small independent game studio. It is owned and operated solely by Andrea Borchardt with the help of Jennifer Hoffman and a few occasional volunteers. Andrea has a background in 3d graphics and game design, and she recently migrated to programming for the Swift project. Jennifer mostly works with animation engineering and occasionally website development, and she is responsible for Swift’s game graphics and accompanying website. The company is registered in Washington state, and team members work from their home offices.


Andrea Borchardt
Design and Programming

Jennifer Hoffman

Chris Cohen

Sound Rangers
Music and Sound Effects