About the Company

Phanatix Interactive is a small indie game studio that was started in Chicago, then moved to Seattle, and is now somewhere in Wisconsin. It is a traveling studio run by Andrea Borchardt, who likes to wander around a lot and try new things. The company was founded out of a longing to do stuff differently. Challenging the boundaries of existing genres and brewing up new twists on old classics is what Phanatix Interactive is all about.

About the Team

Andrea Borchardt – Independent Game Developer

Being a one gal video game making machine, Andrea is the sole full-time member of Phanatix Interactive. She designed and programmed Phanatix Interactive’s first game Swift, which was released for Android and iOS platforms. She is currently hard at work on a second game which hasn’t been announced yet.

In the past, Andrea worked as a lead game designer and artist at Webfoot Technologies in Lemont, Illinois, pouring most of her energy into Nintendo DS games. She performed many tasks over the fourteen games developed in her time there–everything from art to game design to directing–learning necessary skills to take the plunge into her own entrepreneurial adventure that is Phanatix Interactive.

Andrea originally went to school for game art and design at The Illinois Institute of Art in Schaumburg. She focused her efforts on 3d modeling and character design, and she still occasionally models a few critters for fun or freelance.

Jennifer Hoffman – Artist and Web Developer

Jennifer was responsible for Swift’s stylistic artwork and accompanying websites. She has since moved onto bigger challenges but still occasionally helps out on site maintenance and design feedback.

Jennifer’s primary interest is 3d animation and rigging, though she also made an online virtual pet game which doubled as a genetic inheritance teaching tool.

Elisabel Vega-Argueta – Translator

Elisabel is a freelance translator who proofreads Phanatix Interactive’s Japanese and Spanish translations to make sure that they actually make sense.

Chris Cohen – Tester

As an owner of many a mobile device, Chris helps with device compatibility testing. Lately he has been doubling as a tester of ideas– making sure that Andrea’s design and story concepts are up to par. If they suck, he will be the first one to say so.